Tournament details

A. Tournament information
	1. Name: 1st Musketeer Chess Tournament
	2. Start Date: September 1, 2018
	3. Time Control: 5 days per move
	4. Format: Double round robin
	5. Maximum number of participants: 10
	6. Location:
	7. Arbiter: Jocly/Brando/Panzerschiff
	8. Organizer: Zied Haddad

B. Rules
	1. All games shall be played online in
	2. Time forfeit due to server problems will be handled by 3-member adjudication committee
		a. Committee members
			1. Brando
			2. Panzerschiff
			3. Freus
		b. Basic guidelines
			1. When one side is already a rook up or more and his opponent has no clear
			   compensation, the game can be adjudicated as a win.
			2. When a game has already reached 80 moves or more and there is no clear way to win,
			   the game can be adjudicated as a draw.
	3. Each pairing is consist of two games so that each player can have white pieces.
	4. Game schedules
		a. Number of players: 8 (so far)
		b. Total games per player: (8 - 1) x 2 = 7 x 2 = 14
		c. Number of games to start in the first week for each indicated month
			1. September 2018, minimum 3 games
			2. November 2018, minimum 3 games
			3. January 2019, minimum 4 games
			4. March 2019, 4 games or all the remaining games
	5. Default piece types are Hawk and Leopard
		a. Communication between players.
			1. The player playing white may inform the player playing black the first piece that
			   he plans to select then black should inform white if he likes to play the default
			   piece types that is, the Hawk/Leopard.
			2. If white will not inform black of what first piece he plans to move, white can
			   select in Jocly interface the first piece that he wants and play it. Now it is black
			   to move, in this case black can choose the default and restart the game so
			   that white will choose Hawk and Black would choose Leopard.
		b. If black likes to play the default then white should choose Hawk and black
		   should choose the Leopard.
		c. If black does not like the default, then the white may choose any piece he wants
		   and black should not return the piece to its original location (Jocly interface).
		   Note that Jocly default is Cannon/Leopard.
	6. Computer assistance is not allowed. Just play the game honestly.
	7. Any unforseen issues that may arise will be resolved by Brando and Zied Haddad.

C. Arbiter
	1. Prepare pairings
		a. Generate pairings automatically using the tournament manager software vega.
		b. After registration is closed, pairings will be shown at
	2. Verify game records/results
	3. Prepare reports
		a. Reports on results and standings can later be found at

D. Players
	1. Follow pairings
		a. If you are white in the pairings found in item C.1.b, invite your opponent using
		   Jocly site and select "Musketeer Chess", "5 days per turn" and "You Start".
		b. You can invite as many as you can as long as you are white in the pairing.
	2. Inform the arbiters on the results of your game, including the jocly game link this will
	   be used by the arbiter to verify the results.

E. Prize
	1. Musketeer Chess Champion
		a. Qualify for world championships next year?
		b. The champion and first runner up will receive some of the Next Gen Musketeer Chess pieces
		   currently under development. If player MusketeerChess will win the tournament, the first
		   and second runner up will receive those pieces.
	2. First runner up
		a. Qualify for world championships next year?